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How oil pulling can help you detoxify and heal your body

The basics of oil pulling involve swishing around a vegetable sourced oil in your mouth for several minutes. The oil pulls bacteria and their toxins out from around the teeth and gums and out of the bloodstream via the mucous membranes in the mouth. This supports not only oral health but whole body health, since those harmful bacteria can travel throughout t...

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Kombucha vs Jun - Which is right for you?

Kombucha is fermented tea packed full of probiotics, beneficial enzymes, antioxidants and other health-promoting nutrients. But did you know that there are actually two styles of kombucha? One is what I like to call original style and the other is called jun style or just jun.  Read on to find the difference between the two and which one is right for you! Wh...

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5 Reasons to make your own kombucha at home

Have you thought about making your own kombucha? While it may seem like a daunting task to create your own fermented sweet tea, it is actually an easy process that can become a beautiful ritual much like doing your morning stretches or a weekly meditation session.  After making my own kombucha for over 10 years, I can’t imagine my life without this on-demand...

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The 12 surprising benefits of kombucha

Kombucha is an old-world fermented drink full of healthy benefits. In recent years it has become a common item in most health food and grocery stores.  So what’s the hype all about? What makes kombucha so special?  Read on to find out 12 benefits of kombucha!  What is kombucha?  Kombucha is tea (usually black and/or green tea) and a sweetener (usually sugar)...

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The top 10 essential oils to set positive goals and intentions

Whether you’re setting your intentions for the day, making goals for the month or creating a resolution for the new year, essential oils can help you make the energetic shift needed for those goals and intentions to turn into reality.  My top 10 essential oils for setting goals and intentions are ginger, wild orange, spikenard, bergamot, copaiba, eucalyptus,...

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How food combining can help you lose weight and increase energy

Sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, casseroles…anytime you’re eating a bite of food that contains a variety of food groups, your stomach is going to have a hard time digesting.  This can lead to bloating, weight gain, indigestion or other gut troubles.  Poorly digested food starts to ferment in your stomach and intestines, which could lead to an overgrowth of unwan...

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The what, when and how of using probiotics for whole body health

Probiotics are a hot topic these days and the shelves of health food and grocery stores are lined with countless options. Should you take them in a pill, a powder or in a whole-food format? When and how often can you take probiotics and why isn’t your body making its own supply?   In this article I’m going to highlight what probiotics are and how they benefi...

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The 5 Best Apple Cider Vinegar Hacks

Apple cider vinegar has so many great uses that one could almost say, "when in doubt, use ACV".  I use it daily for everything from cooking, detoxing, keeping my pets healthy to relieving skin issues and eliminating body odours.  In this article I’ll highlight the top benefits of apple cider vinegar and share with you my 5 favourite hacks for this multi-purp...

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The Top 5 Essential Oils for Digestion

Digestive troubles happen even to the most diligent and conscious eaters. Bloating, indigestion, acid reflux, heartburn or nausea can have many different causes. These should be addressed by looking at diet, stress factors or other underlying health issues. In the meantime, you want to feel better, quickly.  The top 5   Here are five essential oils for fast ...

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Calm your body, heart and mind with lavender essential oil

Considered to be the most well-known and most widely used essential oil, lavender’s calming properties can have a positive effect on both your mental-emotional and physical health.     Lavender essential oil at a glance Scientific name: Lavendula Angustifolia Parts used: Flowers Main properties: Sedative, antihistamine, relaxant, soothing, antibacterial, ...

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How to use tea tree's powerful antiseptic properties for your health

Also known as malaleuca, tea tree essential oil can’t be beat for its powerful antiseptic properties. Whether you’re cleaning a wound, disinfecting a surface or maintaining healthy hair and skin, tea tree is a welcome addition to any first aid or home health kit.  Tea tree essential oil at a glance Scientific name: Melaleuca alternifolia Parts used: Leaves...

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Cleanse your home, body and mind with lemon essential oil

Lemon brings to mind a sparkling clean and refreshing aroma. Cold-pressed from the rind, lemon essential oil is a powerful cleanser for home, body and mind.  Lemon essential oil at a glance Scientific name:  Citrus lemon Parts used: Rind Main properties: Antiseptic, diuretic, antioxidant, antibacterial, detoxificant, disinfectant, astringent, degreaser Emo...

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Why 'eating for your blood type' works and how it can change your life

After ten+ years of looking at blood samples via a live and dried analysis, I have found that the blood type diet provides an excellent road map to what foods your body needs and which ones can cause problems with respect to digestion and absorption. Moreover, it provides useful insights into other lifestyle habits such as exercise and stress management. In ...

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7 things you need to know before using essential oils

Essential oils are powerful in their action and perfectly safe as long as they're used as intended. Here is what you need to know so you can use essential oils safely and effectively for your wellbeing.  Essential Oil Safety Tips As with any other substance, essential oils come with a few safety precautions.  Overdoing anything can lead to harmful side effec...

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How to use essential oils aromatically, topically and internally

Whether you're new to essential oils or have been using them for a while, you will quickly find that there are almost unlimited ways you can benefit from using these gifts of the Earth. Once you understand the three main methods of using oils and when each method is the best choice, the sky is the limit! How To Use Essential Oils The three basic methods for ...

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How to use peppermint essential oil in (almost) every part of your life

Peppermint is a very versatile oil and definitely one to keep on hand at all times. It’s cooling and energizing properties can be used to support digestion, breathing and mental alertness. From your health to the kitchen, the garden and beyond, let’s look at some of the ways you can benefit from peppermint.  Peppermint essential oil at a glance Scientific na...

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How to help relieve restless discomfort in your legs

That feeling of restlessness in your legs can not only be annoying (especially when you’re trying to fall asleep or need to sit still at your desk!), but it can also point to some potential deficiencies in your body. Find out how to help your body overcome that restless feeling with easy-to-use and natural options.  What is it like when my legs are feeling r...

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What are essential oils and where do they come from?

What Are Essential Oils? Where do they come from?  Let's take a closer look. Maybe you're already an essential oils user, but do you know how these precious oils ended up in that little brown bottle you're holding? It's called plant therapy for good reason! Once you know more about the nature and sourcing of these oils, you'll be even more excited to use the...

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How to make bone broths to supercharge your health

Looking for a solution to improve your joint pain, immunity, gut health or brain function? Nourish every cell in your body with wholesome and easy to make bone broth! Not only do homemade bone broth or stocks add incredible flavour to your soups, sauces or casseroles, they have many health supporting properties too.  Today, I’m going to share recipes for mak...

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Top essential oils for repelling mosquitoes and soothing affected skin

Find out which essential oils naturally repel mosquitoes and soothe irritated skin, including all natural DIY recipes.  Bugs are a fact of life. Unless you live at the North Pole or Antarctica, chances are you'll be dealing with some kind of bug problem at some point during the year.  One of the most annoying (and potentially most dangerous) bugs is the mosq...

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