Homeopathy and Heilkunst Explained

In this article I am going to share my professional insights on homeopathy and Dr Hahnemann’s more complete system of healing, termed Heilkunst. I have been a practicing Homeopath and Heilkunst practitioner since 2015 and my goal is to educate, inspire and guide you back to true health inside and out. 


Homeopathy is a well known form of holistic medicine that has been in use for almost 200 years and is practiced around the world. 

Most people will have had a homeopathic experience with taking arnica for sore muscles or an injury. Or a parent might have given their upset baby a homeopathic teething or colic remedy. Homeopathic remedies are easily available in most health food stores, online or through a qualified natural health practitioner. 

Homeopathics are deemed safe and gentle enough to use on anyone.
In this article I am going to explain homeopathy, how it works and its benefits. I am also going to talk about a more complete system of healing, which includes homeopathy, and which has been termed Heilkunst (German for ‘healing art’ or the ‘art of making whole’). 

Yes, arnica is great for bumps and bruises but what I have to offer you as a homeopath and specifically as a Heilkunst practitioner is a much more in depth approach to bringing you back to your whole and truly healthy state. While homeopathy is for everyone, Heilkunst will appeal especially to those who are seeking to be truly healthy on all levels of being, from physical to mental/emotional to spiritual. 

Heilkunst will help you strip away deep seated disease layers to reveal the true, powerful and healthy you that you are meant to be. 

Maybe you have been searching for a doorway to embark on exactly that journey. While some people just want their headaches to go away, others are looking for deeper growth, knowledge and expansion of self. 

Please read on and find out if Heilkunst is for you. 


Dr Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) of Germany was a medical doctor with a strong sense of ethics and justice. 

He became disenchanted with the modern medical practices of his time, including harsh methods like blood-letting, how medications were adulterated to make a greater profit and how doctors were rushing their patients through their offices as quickly as possible. He realized that simply removing disease matter from the body did not result in a true and lasting cure. 

After Dr Hahnemann decided to stop his medical practice, he started observing and learning from ancient folk medicines and traditions. He also started experimenting with various natural substances and materials, and rediscovered the ancient laws of similars: like cures like (see Homeopathy below). 

He became aware that each medicinal substance had an initial action and a secondary or counter action. For example, drinking a cup of coffee first results in a rush or energy, followed by a crash or drop in energy. These two discoveries formed the basis for his new system of medicine: Homeopathy. 

In crude substances like a cup of coffee, the desired emphasis is on the initial action (increase in energy). Using coffee homeopathically, the remedy Coffea will focus on the secondary or counter action. That is why Coffea is often used to help still mind chatter when someone can’t get to sleep. 


Unlike allopathic medicine, homeopathy operates on the law of similars

To illustrate, imagine that you fell into a poison ivy plant and now have a burning itchy rash. The homeopathic remedy Rhus tox is made from poison ivy leaves. Rather than using the crude form, the remedy is made by using a specific systematic process to dilute and energize (potentize) the plant substance. This removes the physical properties but leaves the energetic components. Taking homeopathic Rhus tox for a poison ivy rash allows the energy of the poison ivy (ie the Rhus tox homeopathic remedy) to act on the physical poison ivy rash on your skin. 
The law of similars states that two like or similar energies can’t exist in the same space. So the homeopathic poison ivy (Rhus tox) remedy removes the physical poison ivy injury from the body. 

Homeopathy can be seen as energetic medicine.
If you think back to Chemistry 101, you will remember that everything around us is actually electrons vibrating at different frequencies or speeds. So everything basically consists of energy. 
Homeopathy taps into the energy of various substances to create highly effective remedies. 

Since homeopathic remedies address disease states at an energetic rather than a physical level, this also removes the issue of potentially negative side effects, which are often experienced from conventional medications and even herbs or supplements. 

Again: By using highly diluted and potentized (energized) homeopathic remedies, disease states can be removed gently and effectively without side effects.
Homeopathic remedies are created by taking a substance (such as arnica, a plant belonging to the sunflower family) and highly diluting and potentizing it. This removes the physical properties of the substance but makes the energetic properties more accessible. This substance in its homeopathic form is then used to address disease states at the energetic level. In the case of Arnica, it will help with shock or bruises, so that the body can return to its original healthy state. 

By working at an energetic level, homeopathy can address disease states at the mental/emotional level (ie grief or anger), the physical level (ie a concussion or a broken bone) and also at a higher spiritual level (ie core belief systems such as a belief that you are not worthy of being loved).


Heilkunst (pronounced ‘hile-koonst’) refers to the complete system of medicine originally founded by Dr Samuel Hahnemann and recently developed further by Rudi Verspoor, who has studied homeopathy in both clinical and research settings for over 20 years. 
Heilkunst is founded on the basis of natural laws and provides a systematic and inclusive treatment of imbalances and disease states. 
It is comprised of three areas, all of which are addressed to effect whole and true health. 

1. Therapeutic Regimen: Regimen includes the areas such as nutrition, sleep, hydration, exercise, coition and sun exposure. Imbalances are corrected using the law of opposites (for example if you are dehydrated, you need to drink more water). Vitamin and supplement recommendations also fall within this category.
2. Therapeutic Medicine: Disease states are addressed using the law of similars, in the form of homeopathic medicines, to remove traumas and shocks (ie from surgeries, accidents and emotional traumas). For example, you were involved in a car accident. Homeopathic remedies are prescribed to address any physical injuries, such as whiplash, plus the emotional traumas, such as the shock or fear. 
3. Therapeutic Education: Knowledge is very powerful. Once you know why something is happening, you can take steps to make changes. With therapeutic education, we take a look at your core belief systems and and how they play out in your life. For example, you keep getting into     relationships where your partner ends up cheating on you. Deep down inside, how do you really view yourself to keep attracting those types of relationships? You perhaps feel unworthy of being loved or not good enough on some level to attract a faithful loving partners.


The Heilkunst approach uses a sequential or timeline approach to treatment. 
In order to return to a true and optimal state of health, disease states must be removed. Many people will notice certain symptoms like asthma or allergies, which may suddenly pop up after a traumatic shock such as a bad accident or death of a loved one. In order to remove the symptoms of disease and the disease state itself, shocks and traumas must be energetically removed in reverse chronological order, like peeling back the layers of an onion. 

Using the timeline approach, the Heilkunst practitioner has a clear roadmap of removing the underlying causes rather than just addressing the symptoms. 

This means that layers or disease and imbalances are systematically removed starting with the last trauma that happened to you all the way to your birth and conception. A sample timeline might look like this:
Sample Timeline
  •    Birth – forceps were used and mother received an epidural
  •    6 months old – fell down some stairs, bruising and bump on head
  •    2 years old – severe ear infection, received antibiotics
  •    6 years old – fell off bike, broke wrist, got xrays 
  •    7 years old – amalgam dental filling for cavity including local     freezing
  •    12 years old – grandma died, very sad for a long time
In the above sample timeline, the death of grandma would be the first event treated with homeopathic remedies for grief/sadness. This is followed by remedies for the dental procedure about a month later. Once the birth, gestation and possibly even conception has been treated, we move on to chronic underlying disease states (called miasms). These are are genetically inherited from your ancestors. For example your might have a history of cancer in your family. 

As you can see, this timeline approach to achieving health is very systematic and thorough. It also means that there is a commitment involved by both patient and practitioner. Consultations take place every 4-6 weeks and working through your timeline can take some time, depending on how old you are and how many traumas you have had. 

It is not a quick fix but you will often feel things shifting right away. With every round of remedies, another layer of imbalance is stripped away, gradually revealing the real, healthy and spectacular you. 


The medical system of Heilkunst is compatible with any other energy or manipulation therapies (such as Reiki, chiropractic care or massage) and/or conventional medical approaches. 

It is safe for people of all ages and states of health. Consultations do not need to be done in person; I regularly use Skype or phone for anyone living outside of the greater Vancouver area. Homeopathic remedies can be shipped to you via Canada Post. 

Heilkunst takes place as a series of monthly consultations and accompanying homeopathic remedies and regimenal advice. There is a longer initial consultation to discuss your timeline and background health information. Homeopathic remedies are always included in the consultation fee and will consist of dropper bottle ‘liquid’ remedies as well as rice waver ‘dry’ remedies. 

True health is a lifelong journey. 

It can get bumpy at times as you work to release limiting beliefs or as your body works through the energetic memory of past traumas. As you are reading this, you might have questions or concerns but there will be something inside of you that says, ‘Yes I want this’. 
In that case, send me an email: to find out more on this amazing system of natural healing and wellness. 


I  am a certified practitioner of Homeopathy and Heilkunst, having obtained my diploma from the Hahnemann College in 2015. Aside from practicing homeopathy/Heilkunst, I am also a certified live/dried blood cell analyst and therapeutic essential oils educator. As a Heilkunst practitioner I am qualified to provide advice on homeopathic remedies, nutrition/diet, supplementation and lifestyle affecting mental/emotional and spiritual well-being. I am not a medical doctor (MD) and as such make no claims to diagnose, treat or cure specific diseases.

Go to my Services page to learn more about pricing and how you can book an appointment with me. If you have specific questions, reach out by filling out the Contact Form.

All my best, 

Homeopathy - Live/Dried Blood Analysis - Essential Oils Specialist

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