Calm your body, heart and mind with lavender essential oil

Considered to be the most well-known and most widely used essential oil, lavender’s calming properties can have a positive effect on both your mental-emotional and physical health.  

Lavender essential oil at a glance

Scientific name: Lavendula Angustifolia

Parts used: Flowers

Main properties: Sedative, antihistamine, relaxant, soothing, antibacterial, regenerative, nervine

Emotional gifts: Peace and tranquility; facilitates emotional healing; authentic and open communication; helps you to slow down and enjoy the moment; self-awareness

Blends well with: Citrus oils, frankincense, tea tree

Method(s) of use: Aromatically (A), topically (T) and internally (I)*

Safety: Lavender is safe for ‘neat’ application, meaning you can apply it undiluted to your skin (always dilute essential oils for young or sensitive people)

Cool Fact: The term aromatherapy was coined by the French chemist Rene Maurice Gattefosse in 1937. He suffered severe burns to his hands while working in his laboratory and treated his hands with pure lavender essential oil. Lavender soothed the pain and helped the skin to heal without infection or scarring.  

Supporting your well-being with lavender

Skin care (cuts, burns, blisters, scabs, rashes etc): Soothes the skin; helps it to heal and avoid scarring

Bug bites/stings: Apply directly to the bite/sting area to soothe, reduce signs of inflammation and to help relieve the sting/burn/itching sensation

Sleep: Apply lavender at bedtime or diffuse to create a sense of calm and help to improve sleep. Can be taken internally* as part of a sleep regime.

Stress: Use lavender topically or in a diffuser to help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and to facilitate open and honest communication. Lavender can also be taken internally* to soothe anxious feelings. 

Seasonal health issues: Inhale or take lavender internally* under the tongue to help calm seasonal symptoms

Tension: Apply to base of skull and/or temples to ease head tension related to stress

Cooking & Baking: Add to your favourite recipes* such as cookies, lemonade, tea, cake or ice cream. Click here to get my lavender lemonade recipe. 

*always read the label of your essential oil to make sure it’s safe for internal use.

Blends and recipes

Before using essential oils, learn how to use them safely and appropriately. Read my article on how to use essential oils here
Read the article on safety precautions here
Always use pure and therapeutic grade essential oils for your wellbeing. Read more about purity here

Seasonal blend 
1 drop lavender
1 drop lemon
1 drop peppermint 

Combine oils in your palm, rub palms together and inhale deeply for 1-2 minutes. Additionally you can add a few drops of carrier oil to the above blend and apply to your chest, bottoms of feet and back of neck. For internal use, mix the above oils in 2 oz of water, swish in your mouth for 30 seconds, then swallow. 

Relaxing Bath 
5 drops lavender
2-3 drops wild orange
2-3 drops frankincense or cedarwood
1 cup epsom salts
½ cup baking soda

Combine oils with epsom salts and baking soda in a small bowl and stir well. Add to running bath water and enjoy a deeply relaxing and restorative bath

Peaceful sleep
5 drops lavender
1-2 drops Roman chamomile
1-2 drops vetiver
1-2 drops cedarwood 
1-2 drops juniper berry

Diffuse the above oils at bedtime. You can also add these oils to a 5ml roller bottle. Top with carrier oil and apply to bottoms of feet, back of neck and inhale from palms.  

Sunburn support 
10 drops lavender
5 drops helichrysum
5 drops peppermint (use only if skin is not broken)

Add oils to a 5ml roller bottle and top with carrier oil. Apply gently to affected skin. Alternatively, add oils and carrier oil to a 1 oz spray bottle and spray area.

Clear and honest communication blend
10 drops lavender
5 drops spearmint
2 drops lime
1 drop rose (optional)

Diffuse in the room during tough conversations. Or add to a 5 ml roller bottle, top with carrier oil and apply to back of neck, inside wrists, behind ears, and over the heart. 

While lavender is a great oils to start your essential oil experience with, it is actually a very deep and profound oil that will support you as you navigate the rest of your life. 


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