Cleanse your home, body and mind with lemon essential oil

Lemon brings to mind a sparkling clean and refreshing aroma. Cold-pressed from the rind, lemon essential oil is a powerful cleanser for home, body and mind. 

Lemon essential oil at a glance

Scientific name: Citrus lemon
Parts used: Rind
Main properties: Antiseptic, diuretic, antioxidant, antibacterial, detoxificant, disinfectant, astringent, degreaser
Emotional gifts: Focus - lemon leaves you energized and alert; uplifting — lemon will help you overcome limiting beliefs such as not being good enough
Blends well with: herb and tree oils, such as basil, rosemary, peppermint, tea tree or Siberian fir
Method(s) of use: aromatically (A), topically (T) and internally (I)*
Safety: photosensitive - avoid exposing that body part to sunlight for 12 hours after applying lemon. Apply at night time or underneath clothing. 
Cool Fact: Since lemon essential essential oil comes from the rind rather than the pulp, it will not affect your tooth enamel the way lemon juice can when taken internally. 

*always read the label of your essential oil to make sure it’s safe for internal use. 

Support your well-being with lemon

  • pH balancing: Lemon essential oil can be used to help balance your body’s pH; try adding 2-4 drops to your morning glass of glass of water. 

  • Water retention: Lemon can help balance out excess fluids that might be accumulating in your body. Take internally or apply to feet and legs (make sure you avoid sun exposure for 12 hours after application)

  • Detoxifying: Lemon’s constituents of d-limonene, alpha-pinene and beta-pinene help make it a powerful organ, lymph and tissue cleanser. Again, add a few drops to your glass of water on a regular basis, or apply to topically to areas of concern (keep in mind the photosensitive nature of lemon)

  • Focus: Inhale lemon from cupped hands or add to your diffuser for an energizing and refreshing aroma that will help keep you alert and concentrating on your task. Especially powerful when combined with rosemary essential oil. 

  • Cooking: Lemon adds beautiful fresh flavour to your recipes, whether it’s blueberry lemon muffins, homemade lemonade or steamed green veggies. I have a great article on making homemade lemonade, click here to read it. 

  • Natural household cleaner and degreaser: Lemon’s cleansing qualities can’t be beat. Especially when it comes to anything sticky! I use lemon to remove sticky goo leftover from my kids’ art projects, sap that got on my clothes while riding in the woods, or removing tape residue off surfaces. Use lemon essential oil to clean surfaces and purify the air.  It also makes a great leather and furniture polish!
Recipe substitution guide:
1 tsp lemon extract = 1/8 tsp lemon essential oil
1 tbsp lemon zest = 8 drops lemon essential oil 

Recipes and blends you'll love

Laundry stain remover: 
½ cup white vinegar
10 drops lemon essential oil
10 drops tea tree essential oil
Combine into a 4 oz glass spray bottle. Shake before each use. Spray onto stained clothing, let sit for a few minutes and then wash with cold water. 

Positive vibes
4 drops lemon
2 drops pink pepper
3 drops bergamot
Diffuse for a burst of positive energy, self acceptance and a refreshed spirit to tackle whatever life sends your way. 

Summer breeze 
3 drops lemon
2 drops bergamot
2 drops grapefruit
1 drop wintergreen
Diffuse for a feeling that the joy of summer is in the air and everywhere.

Keep the dust away
1 cup water
1/4 cup white vinegar
1 tbsp olive oil
15 drops lemon essential oil
Add all ingredients to a spray bottle. Shake before each use. Spray onto a microfibre cloth and wipe away dust, polish surfaces and help keep that dust away longer. 

Mental clarity
6 drops lemon
4 drops rosemary
2 drops cypress
1 drop peppermint
Add oils to a 5 ml roller bottle and top with fractionated coconut oil. Apply to back of neck, behind ears, across forehead. Rub some on your palms and inhale for several deep breath. 

Enjoy the beautiful refreshing zip that lemon brings to your life!

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