live/dried blood analysis

A close look at your state of health

Learn how live/dried blood cell microscopy can help you improve your health and vitality. 

See the most important element in your body come alive in front of your eyes as nutritional deficiencies, toxic build-up, hormonal imbalances, presence of unwanted organisms, organ stress and so much more is revealed. 

Find out how a blood analysis can help you take direct control over your health.

What is live/dried blood cell microscopy

A live/dried blood cell analysis gives you an in-depth qualitative look at what's going on inside your body. 

This may include:
  • which organs are out of balance
  • whether your red blood cells are effectively transporting nutrients from your food and oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body
  • how your immune system is functioning
  • what kind of toxins are building up
  • whether inflammation is present and what kind of effect it is having on your body
  • whether your cells are in a state of dehydration
  • how your body is affected by EMF radiation and the food choices you're making
  • whether you have a pH imbalance, causing unwanted organisms to thrive
  • and much more

Live and dried blood cell analysis has been around for over 100 years. Professor Guenther Enderlein (1872-1968 was the pioneer in darkfield microscopy. He discovered that the blood is alive with many particles that are beneficial at a certain stage but can become harmful to the body if allowed to transform into pathogenic organisms. 

Your blood takes an impression of every cell in your body and as such is a perfect reflection of your overall state of health. 

Factors such as pH balance, diet, stress or toxic build-up play a key role to the health of your internal environment. As Enderlein stated, "disease is a general condition of one's internal environment". 

Live/Dried blood cell analysis can help you identify the state of your internal environment and what you can do to reverse unhealthy conditions to regain optimal health. 


Adult Initial Session: $300

Adult Subsequent Session: $250
Child (12 and under) Initial Session: $200
Child (12 and under) Subsequent Session: $180

What's included:

  • Detailed and interactive analysis, approximately 1.5-2 hours in duration
  • Blood typing 
  • Detailed written report sent via email within 48 hours of the analysis, including in-depth recommendations in diet, specific cleanses, supplements/remedies and therapies 


I am a certified live/dried blood cell analyst through the Hahnemann College and have been practicing since 2009. After analyzing thousands of samples, I can confidently provide you with the best possible recommendations to help you achieve your health goals. 

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What to expect during your session

A drop can tell so much

The blood is drawn from your finger using a diabetic lancet. The first drop is used for the live cell analysis, the second drop for the dried cell analysis and a third drop is taken to find out your blood type. 

I am certified in the capillary puncture procedure from Robotech Institute. 

The live Sample

First we look at your blood in a live setting. The drop is sandwiched between a glass slide and a cover to keep it from oxidizing. We look at your live sample at 10X and 100X magnification, which means you can see your blood cells up close and personal! In the live sample I show you how your red blood cells are shaped and what that tells us about your state of health. We also look at whether the red blood cells are nicely separated to stuck together. 

Next, we look at your white blood cells, what types are showing up, and whether they are active. This gives you a lot of insight into your immune system! Platelets are also examined and here we want to see whether they are aggregating, which could be a sign of inflammation in the body. 

Believe it or not, there could a lot of other formations floating around in the blood like various toxic debris, uric acid crystals, plaque deposits or accumulations of cellular waste matter. This all gives us more clues as to which of your organs or body systems need more support.  

The Dried Sample

The dried sample is taken after your drop of blood sits on your finger for about 30 seconds, which gives it a chance to 'centrifuge'. For example, if there are heavy metal particles in your blood, these heavier particles will form a ring around the outer areas of your sample. This can be seen as the dark ring in the above image. 

The dried sample gives you insights into more chronic health conditions. We look at patterns produced over a series of 8 layers of the same drop of blood. Each subsequent layer gives a more chronic long-standing view of your health. Common findings in the dried sample may include lymphatic or circulatory congestion, indications of candida or intestinal parasitic overgrowth, mineral deficiencies such as magnesium or calcium, signs of adrenal stress, bowel inflammation or possible inflammation in the reproductive organs. 

The live and dried samples give complementary information and I would not be able to provide a complete analysis looking at one and not the other. 
"The live and dried blood analysis is amazing. I was really sick for a long time and no one knew what was wrong with me. I had 13 specialist run all sorts of tests for about 3 years and they could not find a single thing wrong with me. Luckily I found out about live and dried blood analysis and finally things started to make sense. It’s not just a computer spitting out results, you can actually see your blood cells on a TV screen and how healthy or unhealthy they are. It really changed my view and opened my mind up on health. It was a turning point in my life. I am so lucky and blessed and happy that I found Daniela and her blood analysis."  
—Marcin S., Surrey BC

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