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Welcome to our farm where we grow real food from the heart.

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Organically raised poultry

We raise chickens and turkeys for eggs, meat and sometimes just for good company. Our birds are fed organically/non-GMO and I also ferment their grains. For a protein boost in the winter, I raise our own mealworms.

The chickens and turkeys free range most of the year, having choice access to greens, bugs and whatever else they love to eat. We hatch most of our own chicks who are happily raised by hens. In this way we give them the best possible quality of life and us the best possible quality of eggs and meat. 

Pure, Fresh Dairy 

Dolly our Alpine goat is busy raising her kids and sharing her delicious milk with us. Even our turkeys and chickens are so excited when I bring them some clabbered milk as a treat. I have ventured into the exciting world of cheesemaking!

Heirloom & Organic produce

Growing my own food is so incredibly rewarding. I love seeing the seeds sprout and turn into delicious and nourishing veggies. I am expanding our fruit selection every season and am learning about companion planting, worm composting and saving my own seeds. My summer days are filled with canning, dehydrating and freezing. It's a lot of work but it feels so good to eat our own real food year-round.  

Honey Bees

Adding honey bees to our farm is another exciting adventure full of learning! I'm look forward to not just the honey for eating but also the beeswax for making candles and natural skin care products.

Fresh baking

Baking from scratch allows me to choose the best possible ingredients to nourish both body and soul. I bake our own sourdough bread products both using organic wheat and spelt flours. Homemade always tastes best, especially when it comes to dessert, but a good homemade pizza or some sourdough rosemary crackers will give those cakes and cookies a run for their money ;)

Jun Kombucha

I have been making my own kombucha since 2008 and can't imagine my life without it. With so many health benefits and a refreshing bubbly taste, kombucha is the perfect health tonic. I brew a special jun-style of kombucha which is made from green tea and honey. I love it so much, I have put together an online course on how you can make your own kombucha. Click here to learn more.

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Living the good life

Hi! I'm Daniela and I am happiest when I'm working on several projects all at once. 

When I'm not feeding, fixing or building something on the farm, homeschooling my kids, taking clients as natural health practitioner, renovating the house or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, you might find me out riding on my horse, spending time with my three incredible kids, enjoying the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains and river, or reading a good book...usually about learning something. 

I love, love, love my life, my community and thrive on passing on my knowledge to others so that they can also live the life they came here for.