Health & Wellness
Scroll down for all available health and wellness services. If you're not sure where to start or what you need, send me a message and I'll help you figure it out!


Over 200 year old system of natural medicine for the whole family

Learn how homeopathy/Heilkunst can gently and effectively address your health concerns. In-person or online consultations include all homeopathic remedies and address both acute and chronic concerns. 

Health & Nutrition Consultation

Address a specific health concern quickly and effectively

If you're looking to address a specific concern or acute situation, a consultation is the way to go

Live/Dried Blood Cell Microscopy

Get a close look at your blood and the story it tells about your health

Live and dried blood cell analysis gives you an in-depth look at your acute and chronic health concerns. Based on the analysis, you receive a detailed and targeted wellness plan including diet, supplements, cleanses and therapy recommendations.


Experience the healing and rejuvenating power of this ancient energy healing method

I completed my master level certification in Reiki in 2001. In-person or distance treatments are available

Therapeutic Essential Oils

Use the healing and cleaning power of nature through purely sourced essential oils

From cleaning to cooking to supporting physical, mental and emotional health, essential oils are a true gift of the Earth. Considered an essential in my home, it's my most-used resource for natural wellness.


Relaxation massage and therapeutic essential oils combined into one powerful treatment

This 45 minute treatment will leave you relaxed, rejuvenated and like you just came back from vacation

The all-in health package

Ready to turn your life and health around? I'll support you every step of the way with this all-inclusive health package.