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Kombucha Course

Enrolment Open March 14-25, 2022!

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Healthy Gut. Happy You. 

Forget spending tons of money on store-bought kombucha when I can show you how to make this amazing probiotic drink at home!

Homemade Kombucha Made Easy!

Learn how to make the best tasting, healthiest and most cost effective kombucha at home. 

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One small act can change the world

We may never know the full ripple effect of even one act of kindness we provide by helping people live healthier lives. My desire is to empower and support you as you start out in your business; to cheer and guide you as your build your business to be as successful as you wish to go. I will be so honoured to see what amazing changes your acts of kindness and service will create in this world

Daniela has been instrumental in helping me on my health journey. She introduced me to doTERRA and it has become a vital part of my daily life. I have attended her classes and have learned how to naturally improve my quality of life. She is a great teacher and advocate for holistic health.

- Marguerite K. Langley, BC