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Partnering with doTERRA has led to the most amazing experiences in my life. From trips around the world, improving the lives of those around me, giving back to my community, to increasing my income while still maintaining flexible work hours and my homeschooling and parenting joys, to the opportunity to leaving a legacy for my children and children's children to enjoy...this is why I chose doTERRA and why I continue to choose doTERRA every day.

The power of the essential oils, the integrity and vision of this amazing company combined with the incredible people I have the honour of working with. 

Life has become richer, fuller, more rewarding and overflowing thanks to doTERRA. I want this for you too. Join me and my team, not just for business but for a new community, a tribe, an extension of your family and for the fulfillment of your dreams. .

I was blessed to be introduced to Daniela years ago by the Deans of our college. She absolutely sparkled with curiosity and professionalism. Over the years I have been inspired over and over again by her desire to genuinely help people and her dedication to her work. With her desire for continuous learning and her beautiful ethical compass, I highly recommend working with Daniela to achieve your wellness goals. I am honoured to call her my colleague, business partner and above all, my dear friend. With so many choices available to us, you can rest assured that in choosing Daniela you get you not only a knowledgeable practitioner but a partner in your path in life.
Amanda Lamb, Vice President IHA, DMH, REMT, doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Are you ready?

As our overall health improves, we also start attracting more of what we want into our lives and are ready to release anything that doesn't serve us. 

doTERRA provides a unique and powerful opportunity for living a life designed by you and for you. Whether you are looking for increased finances, making a difference in the lives of others, having more free time with your family or simply having the ability to work on your own schedule from any place in the world, all of these are possible.

I am here to guide and support you as a mentor, coach, fellow wellness advocate and friend.

Whatever you believe to be possible, is
There are no limits to the possibilities of your amazing life. It all starts here with a choice to say YES to all that you are and all that you will be

What is your legacy?

We all want to come to the end of our journey here knowing that our presence has made this world a little better off. Whether your passion lies in empowering lives in developing countries, working to save and protect endangered plant and animal species or simply spreading kindness through your ability to be there for your community, working with me through doTERRA will give you the opportunity to make a difference. You are not alone in trying to make your dreams a reality -- join me in sharing hope, knowledge, opportunity and happiness..

Daniela is a dedicated and deeply caring health care practitioner and amazing support in my doTERRA business. No matter what my concerns are, whether related to my own personal health or to building a successful business, Daniela goes above and beyond to make sure that I have the tools and support I need. I know I can always count on her for advice, guidance, inspiration and motivation.

- Sandra Schumann, doTERRA Wellness Advocate

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Starting a business with doTERRA is so much more than earning an income. You are joining a community of the most incredible, like-minded people who will becomes your partners in business and in life.

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